School violence – Protection program

School violence – Protection program

Post Updated on 06-04-2020, by Private Investigator in Greece SOTIROPOULOS & Associates

School violence has taken the dimensions of a social problem in our country. School violence is defined as the deliberate and unprovoked violent behavior on a physical and mental level and is a phenomenon that is not always perceived by parents and teachers.

Indications mentioning such incidents include the following:

  • Refusal to go to school.
  • Falling grades.
  • Unjustified absences.
  • Loss of personal belongings.
  • The child often asks money from his/her parents.
  • Exhibits sudden mood changes.
  • Is slow when going to school or returning from it.

Forms of school violence include:

  • Threat of injury or physical injury.
  • Systematic use of abusive language or threats.
  • Blackmail for abstraction of items or money.
  • Sending offensive content via messaging, email.
  • Sexual harassment and abuse by touch, gestures or substantial abuse.
  • Negative comments about the origin of a person, his/her social class or economic status.

Any parent who detects such signs should not leave things to chance.

School violence can destroy forever the child’s and adolescent’s psychology.
In absolute secrecy, we collect evidence and material that could help to suppress such phenomena, to punish the abusers or even grant assistance where it is needed.