The Agency

Konstantinos Sotiropoulos & Associates private investigation agency has been providing services for nearly 30 years. Our successful course throughout these years and our good reputation spread by word of mouth, led a decade ago to the opening of other agencies in Greece, as well as the organization of a complete and secure network in Central European cities.

We are the best in the field of ​​Private Investigation due to our professionalism, trustworthiness and efficiency in our job, while caring at the same time for the individuals we collaborate with and the specific nature of their problem.

The excellent training of our experienced staff enables us to gladly offer the substantial and tangible solutions you seek.

Our work is defined by our excellent expertise as well as the use of the most advanced devices in detection, surveillance, recording and analysis in accordance with the latest global technology.

Making the most of our extensive network of certified colleagues and associates around Greece and abroad, we guarantee to unravel even the most complex and difficult cases within the country and abroad.

Discretion, confidentiality and reliability are the basic principles that govern our agency since the first day of our operation; these principles are strictly abided by each member of the human chain we have created ready to shed light on your case.

Our long-standing experience enables us to provide a wide range of services both in private and corporate matters, as well as in professional and forensic investigations.

Each problem is treated as a separate case.

Come to us with the certainty that we will offer you high quality services at unbeatable prices within an environment of absolute security.

Private Investigator Certifications

Permission by the Ministry of Public Order Detective Certificate

Permission by the Ministry of Public Order – Greek Police Headquarters:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-G Ministry of Citizen
Protection – Department of Crime Analysis and Management:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-ΙΑ
Public Security Directorate:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-Ι
Private Investigation Offices – Law 3206/2003/GG/299/A/23.12.2003

Certificate of the Hellenic Association of Private Investigators

Certificate of the Hellenic Association of Private Investigators
(S.E.N. Founding Member) – License No. 22455/1999

License No. 22455/1999

Kapodistrian University of Athens Detective

Kapodistrian University of Athens

Counseling on Dependence – Teenagers and Drugs


The professionalism of our staff and our associates as well as our expertise in telecommunications, personal computers and generally surveillance and tracking with the aid of cutting-edge technology is the key to our effectiveness.

Reliability, confidentiality, safety, immediacy and trust are what make the collaboration with our clients distinguishable. The results of the cases we have investigated, established us among the largest and most reputable Private Investigation Agencies in Greece.

Our specialization in child and adolescent issues and our ability to undertake cases related to substance abuse (drugs), sexual harassment, school violence, domestic violence and bullying is equally important.