What is the cost of a private investigation? How are the prices formed?

The cost of a private investigation varies according to:

the object and the duration of the investigation
the methods and the means that will be chosen
the human resources that will be used
the place and the location of the investigation
Taking into consideration the economic crisis in Greece and its impact on the purchase of goods and services we have adjusted our prices and the cost of our services so that they will be affordable to all our clients (individuals and businesses).

Since 2009, our prices have been gradually adapted to the requirements of the times and reductions of 30-40% were made in all cases undertaken.

Our sole purpose is to offer our clients:

excellent service
absolute confidentiality
full coverage of all needs
fast results
best prices in the market
How important is an investigation for you?

Before contacting a private investigator and assigning him the case you are interested in being investigated we recommend you answer the following questions:

How much money would you invest in solving a serious issue of personal or family concern?
What would you do in order to ensure the integrity of your private life or your professional activity?
Would the cost play a prohibitive role for the safety of your children, family or even your business?
What amount of money is worth spending to solve the issue of your constant concern that undermines your happiness?
What is certain, though, is that for every problem there is always a solution as long as you turn to the right professionals.

What are the available payment methods?

Upon undertaking a private investigation, an advance payment is made covering the cost of the required material and equipment needed for the case as well as the necessary manpower.

The payoff is made when the investigation is completed and the results are delivered to the client.

How much will the investigation I am interested in cost?

The best way to get informed about the cost of the private investigation you are interested in is to contact us – preferably by phone.

Since the assessment of the case requires the disclosure of confidential information, it is advisable to make an appointment and meet in person.

This way, you can get informed about the cost with regard to your case, in confidence, completely free of charge and without any further obligation on your part.

What is the landscape of private investigation in Greece?

In the past, private investigation in Greece remained unknown to a significant proportion of the general public. On the contrary, in other foreign countries, the assignment of a case to private investigation agencies and its resolution has been common practice and part of the culture of the entire population, not a sole privilege of few celebrities and affluent people.

In recent years, however, there has been a remarkable effort to familiarize the public with private investigation agencies. This is due to:

the high quality services provided
the friendly and professional assistance
the modernization of the equipment
the indirect and direct publicity from clients who received impeccable services in absolute confidence
What do we recommend?

Contact us immediately to give a solution to the issue that concerns you, an answer to the question that torments you. Do not live in suspicion, with uncertainty and lies. The right to truth is an inalienable right for all.

Private Investigator Certifications

Permission by the Ministry of Public Order Detective Certificate

Permission by the Ministry of Public Order – Greek Police Headquarters:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-G Ministry of Citizen
Protection – Department of Crime Analysis and Management:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-ΙΑ
Public Security Directorate:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-Ι
Private Investigation Offices – Law 3206/2003/GG/299/A/23.12.2003

Certificate of the Hellenic Association of Private Investigators

Certificate of the Hellenic Association of Private Investigators
(S.E.N. Founding Member) – License No. 22455/1999

License No. 22455/1999

Kapodistrian University of Athens Detective

Kapodistrian University of Athens

Counseling on Dependence – Teenagers and Drugs


The professionalism of our staff and our associates as well as our expertise in telecommunications, personal computers and generally surveillance and tracking with the aid of cutting-edge technology is the key to our effectiveness.

Reliability, confidentiality, safety, immediacy and trust are what make the collaboration with our clients distinguishable. The results of the cases we have investigated, established us among the largest and most reputable Private Investigation Agencies in Greece.

Our specialization in child and adolescent issues and our ability to undertake cases related to substance abuse (drugs), sexual harassment, school violence, domestic violence and bullying is equally important.