Mr. Kostas Sotiropoulos gives occasional interviews to the mass media, both on television and radio.

Here are some of the interviews given by Mr. Kostas Sotiropoulos in askmen and vice about the detective profession he serves with dedication.

Bullying: How to spot it and confront it effectively

Everything about bullying. We’ve asked the experts and we have all the answers.

In recent years a new term has entered our lives and especially the lives of the parents. Bullying has already concerned parents, children and educators proving that while it is a new term, in fact it exists for a number of years.

Bullying is defined as a form of aggressive behaviour -physical, verbal, emotional or social- manifested intentionally, without provocation while its repeated occurrences are detected in schools, workplaces and on the Internet. According to psychology, a person resorts to violence, aggressively dominating others, as a confirmation of his strength and power.

Bullying, therefore, does not stop in the school yard and does not necessarily refer to harassment among minors. Forms of bullying exist between a child and an adult or even between two adults.

As an adult and a parent, if you suspect that bullying begins to affect your own life, here are the steps to deal with it effectively and correctly:

  1. Observe the changes in your child’s behavior. Some indications are: If a child is usually calm and suddenly becomes aggressive, if he/she does not eat and sleep normally, if he/she avoids (or tries to avoid) school or if he/she withdraws to himself/herself. Generally if the usual behavior suddenly changes, then possibly it is due to an unpleasant situation in the school environment.
  2. Ask for help. If you see changes in the child’s behavior, try to determine the cause initially by discussing with the child. However, those who experience bullying are in a vulnerable psychological state, therefore, it is advisable to ask for the help of a child psychologist in order to approach the issue correctly. Moreover, in order to ascertain if your child is abused you may want to ask for the help of a private investigator who will clarify the situation and provide important insight.
  3. Once an incident has been investigated and determined to be a bullying incident, it is essential for the parents and the child to contact a group of experts (eg. a child psychologist, a physician, etc. depending on the case) not only to ensure the physical, mental and emotional health of the child but also to avoid a new incident.
  4. Where appropriate, it may be necessary to remove the child from the group or place where bullying occurs and if it is a case of cyber-bullying then, using security software is recommended.

Discussing with the private investigator Kostas Sotiropoulos we discovered some even more useful tips on properly tackling bullying:

  • Keep in mind that even an adult can be a source of intimidation for a child (eg. a teacher or a babysitter).
  • It is important a bullying incident to be verified in a discreet manner so that the child won’t lose his trust on the parents.
  • Apart from the private investigator who will determine the bullying incident, cooperation with a psychologist or other experts is essential. Mr. Sotiropoulos, in particular, cooperates with a team of specialists (child psychologists, electronic crime experts etc.) who often voluntarily offer their services in cases when it is needed.

We deeply thank the private investigator Kostas Sotiropoulos for the valuable information he shared with us (tel. 6932444425).


Interview Detective Sotiropoulos vice

What kind of cases undertakes a Private Detective in Greece?

I remember when I was little, I wanted to become an FBI agent or detective. As you may understand, I did not succeed. I do not know why, but I was always thrilled about the idea of looking for aliens in the middle of nowhere, like Mulder in the X-Files, to wander in the dark city streets solving crimes, like inspector Montalbano, or even, like Superintended Bekas. At least, I wish I were a private detective like Sherlock Holmes. The years have passed; however, my enthusiasm about these professions has not diminished. And since I was not able to follow this path, I decided to see what life is like for a private investigator in Greece of 2016.

Wishing to solve all my queries, I visited private investigator Kostas Sotiropoulos in his agency in the center of Athens. This is a man with substantial experience as he serves the profession for almost 26 years. For the next hour, we had an intriguing conversation about the nature of his work and what it is like to be a detective in our country.

VICE: As a private investigator, what is it you do?

Kostas Sotiropoulos: I undertake the part of the investigation aiming at finding evidence used, either in litigation or for matters of personal concern, so that my clients can get some concrete answers.

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Interview Detective Sotiropoulos askmen

How to know if your partner is cheating on you

A Private Detective lists 10 foolproof signs that something is going on (and it is serious)

askmen Private Detective lists 10 foolproof signs that something is going

Infidelity, a subject of concern to mankind since the dawn of civilization, is on the spotlight even at present, and we bet that it will continue to preoccupy humanity in the future.

You see, whether we like it or not, adultery is an integral part of human relationships, although it is – like so many other things around us – subjected to “fashions” and “trends”. “Over the past decade-from 2006 onwards that is- those who commit adultery more frequently in a relationship are women,” says detective Kostas Sotiropoulos. “This is not only due the emancipation of the weaker sex – which is just – but a misguided” fashion” that has prevailed recently, due to the standards projected by the media.

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INTERVIEW ABOUT THE BOOK Alexandrini of the Winds

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Counseling on Dependence – Teenagers and Drugs


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