Premarital checking

Premarital checking

Post Updated on 06-04-2020, by Private Investigator in Greece SOTIROPOULOS & Associates

The rapid increase of the divorces nowadays has caused a great turmoil among couples to be married. Although everyone gets married under the best conditions, the truth is that a large percentage of marriages fail.

Especially in cases where one of the two persons in the couple is a holder of some considerable property, the premarital checking is necessary to avoid the errors that often occur.

In the premarital testing we can learn accurate information on:

  • The background of the bride and the groom
  • Possible financial problems
  • Older divorces
  • Their relatives
  • Any obnoxious personal habits of the two persons in the couple (wasteful expenses, gambling, etc.)

The premarital checking is not the recipe for success in a marriage. However, it gives us a very clear picture of every aspect of life of the person we intend to put in our life.