Background check of an individual

Background check of an individual

Post Updated on 06-04-2020, by Private Investigator in Greece SOTIROPOULOS & Associates

Investigations of this kind are usually conducted in cases of labor, clerical or partner relationships, premarital control, parental checking of the child’s acquaintances in order to avoid risks and threats from dangerous encounters and individuals who can lure the child to use drugs or get involved in prostitution, child pornography etc.

The background check of an individual may include: a) family history (relatives’ background, past relationships, engagements, divorces or marriages), b) work history or potential economic problems, c) criminal records, illegality, any criminal acts, country of origin, d) Social history, lifestyle information, home address, network of contacts, e) Medical history, through genetic DNA tests conducted by appropriate medical laboratories.

Surveys are conducted with the utmost discretion and offer the interested party all the answers he/she is looking for, based on evidence.