Economic issues – Fraud

Economic issues – Fraud

Post Updated on 06-04-2020, by Private Investigator in Greece SOTIROPOULOS & Associates

Our office takes over issues concerning financial claims against insurance companies, trading companies, promising investments with a high percentage of profit, which are largely groundless as well as any other economical issue.

We carefully investigate cases of excessive demands on the part of policy holders or shareholders or even attempts to cheat companies through false or falsified data. We study thoroughly each case, especially those that appear totally legal, while being very intricate frauds, with discreet investigation which ensures that the prestige of those involved is not affected before the evidence is fully ascertained and cross-checked.

The employees in our office are equipped with a high sense of responsibility in the collection of evidence, testimonies, photographs etc., and they deliver them to the customer along with a detailed report of their research.

Our coordinated research has helped many companies to settle various cases that were based on false claims.