Corporate investigations – Protection of interests

Corporate investigations – Protection of interests

Post Updated on 06-04-2020, by Private Investigator in Greece SOTIROPOULOS & Associates

The design of an effective company protection program constitutes a prerequisite for the smooth and successful operation of a business, especially nowadays. There are many business owners afflicted by intra-business thefts, frauds, wire tapping and other corporate losses, which can cost them huge amounts of money, but also endanger the entire credibility and prestige of a company.

Our office offers protection of the professional environment with the assistance of all the modern methods to eliminate corporate risks, such as cleaning business offices from bugs, workplace monitoring, checking for frauds – thefts and other services which provide maximum security.

We also perform effective staff controls with specialized tests and in depth screening of previous employment. A pre-audit before hiring an employee can literally save your company from a wrong choice, which can have very bad effects in its turnover.