Investigators in Herakleion, Investigation office in Herakleion

Investigators in Herakleion, Investigation office in Herakleion

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Private investigators in Herakleion by Sotiropoulos Private Investigations. Our Private Investigation Office in Herakleion has a major contribution in resolving private cases in Herakleion in Attica and all around Greece. Our private investigators in Herakleion are professionals in resolving conflicts and disputes as well.

Private Investigator Offices in Herakleion


Our private investigation agency in Herakleion has been providing services for nearly 30 years. Our successful course throughout these years and our good reputation spread by word of mouth, led a decade ago to the opening of other agencies in Greece, as well as the organization of a complete and secure network in Central European cities.

Our central agency in Athens collaborates with the best private investigation offices in the US, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, China, India and all around the world.

We are the best in the field of Private Investigation due to our professionalism, trustworthiness and efficiency in our job, while caring at the same time for the individuals. It is to be mentioned that we collaborate with the specific nature of their problem. The excellent training of our experienced staff enables us to gladly offer the substantial solutions you seek.

Investigator in Herakleion

Private Investigator  in Herakleion

Are you looking for an investigator in Herakleion and nearby? Our work is defined by our excellent expertise as well as the use of the most advanced devices in detection, surveillance, recording and analysis in accordance with the latest global technology.

Feel free to contact us in order to find the best solution for you or your beloved persons concerning both a business and a private case.