Steps to Hiring a Private Investigator

  1. The private investigator should be certified by an official government body in his specialty and be member of a relevant recognized association in his profession.
  2. He should operate within the established legal framework (Law 3206/ 19.12.2003 (Government Gazette A ‘298/23.12.2003).
  3. Have a qualified staff, as well as the proper equipment and expertise in order to be able to cope with the requirements of each case.
  4. Have proven professional experience. Ask him for his fields of research and select an investigator qualified in your case.
  5. Have a high capacity in collecting information, through his research methods and in facing various challenges; he should also have organizational skills to overpass obstacles.
  6. Be informed on the latest developments in his field.
  7. Be accompanied by a good reputation.
  8. Have exquisite communication skills, an advantage which particularly helps in collecting documented evidence.
  9. Be governed by the principles of confidentiality, accountability, discretion and act with integrity and professionalism.
  10. Have the acceptance and the appreciation of his colleagues.

Private Investigator Certifications

Permission by the Ministry of Public Order Detective Certificate

Permission by the Ministry of Public Order – Greek Police Headquarters:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-G Ministry of Citizen
Protection – Department of Crime Analysis and Management:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-ΙΑ
Public Security Directorate:
License No. 4891/7/1/50-Ι
Private Investigation Offices – Law 3206/2003/GG/299/A/23.12.2003

Certificate of the Hellenic Association of Private Investigators

Certificate of the Hellenic Association of Private Investigators
(S.E.N. Founding Member) – License No. 22455/1999

License No. 22455/1999

Kapodistrian University of Athens Detective

Kapodistrian University of Athens

Counseling on Dependence – Teenagers and Drugs


The professionalism of our staff and our associates as well as our expertise in telecommunications, personal computers and generally surveillance and tracking with the aid of cutting-edge technology is the key to our effectiveness.

Reliability, confidentiality, safety, immediacy and trust are what make the collaboration with our clients distinguishable. The results of the cases we have investigated, established us among the largest and most reputable Private Investigation Agencies in Greece.

Our specialization in child and adolescent issues and our ability to undertake cases related to substance abuse (drugs), sexual harassment, school violence, domestic violence and bullying is equally important.